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Please Not The EU Again

So the government are now telling us that we are out of the recession.
On Wednesay night`s evening new at 6.00pm on television I heard it was announced
that we have come out of the recession and may have been out since May 2009, what a load of cod`s wallop, come off it, does our government think that we can be in a recession one minute then out the next, I don`t think so, maybe they haven`t got all their marbles in one bag. Lets take the haulage situation, how many haulage companies have gone to the wall in the last twelve months through no fault of there own hundreds infact thousands, I can not count all of them but it will be a lot more if we don`t do something about it now. These companies whether big or small can not cope with the high fuel prices and low work rates. When our banks have frittered away money then the government has to bail them out and we the injured party then take the flack upon our shoulders of not being able to borrow money to help our haulage businesses to survive. We are not millionaires, none of us and the only way for some is the down turn of our destiny. To borrow money is fine but it has to be paid back sooner or later, so when the government borrowed the money from other countries to help our situation with the banks then instead of increasing our fuel prices and other prices we should have accepted a slight increase of income tax to be able to replenish the funds we borrowed. I am sure that we haulage companies would have been better off if income tax had risen slightly rather than we pay for it at the fuel pumps and the increase of taxation on our vehicles still to come yet, as it stands now the government have borrowed all this money we will surely be paying it for years to come. In the 1940`s Germany had a man who wanted to rule the world, we got rid of him. Now the EU are trying to govern us by dictating our fuel prices, our driving hours, digital tachographs, new EU rules for our highways, they will be telling us next what under pants we should wear and what colour they should be. For crying out loud when are we British hauliers and drivers going to face facts we are doomed under the EU. I will never understand some drivers and hauliers who have spoken to me in the past and have said it was the best thing Britain ever did getting in to the EU, you must be joking all these new rules have come from some where and they didn`t come from Britain, you could say we have now hit rock bottom and there is only one way to go, we have pleaded with our government to help us, mind you look at the help they have given the farmers we don`t want that kind of help not now. I was talking to two farmers last week they were telling me how much they get from the dairies to produce the pint of milk, I feel sorry for them as it was only the price of a single electrical fuse.Please don`t let us go down the same road. One wish is all I ask for, some of you may agree others may not but if we could only bring back the great lady that made the B in Britain we could be saved. Alas she is not in government any more and that`s a shame. If only we had some one who could stand up for our rights and say enough is enough, back off EU Britain is ours not yours. I don`t want the EU to be our bosses and tell us what we can do and what we can not do. This is not 1940 it is 2009 or is it? Do we know the difference? You tell me.

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