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How to Transport Art and Antiques

How to Transport Art and Antiques


Special care and handling should be taken when preparing fine art and antiques for shipping. You’ll want to be sure that your treasures and investment pieces arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

An experienced transport provider can advise you on how to ship your fine art and antiques, but here are a few things you’ll want to think about and discuss with your chosen provider.

Tips on How to Transport Art and Antiques

·         Wood or sturdy, specially made cardboard crates combined with high quality padding is the safest way to ship large items.

·         Fine art pieces may need to be wrapped using acid-free paper to avoid damage to special paints or finishes.

·         Climate control may also need to be considered when shipping art or antiques.

·         Valuable or sentimental items should be insured against loss or damage and this is not an area where the cheapest price should be your first consideration. When interviewing prospective art and antique transporters, factor in the cost of adequate insurance to the total price.

·         The best way to ensure that your art and antiques will arrive at their destination safely and undamaged is to choose an experienced transport company.


Find Affordable and Reliable Delivery Options for Transporting Arts and Antiques, The Delivery Auction Site, is a safe, reliable web-based service with a user-friendly interface that provides access to knowledgeable and experienced couriers who can answer any and all questions you have regarding the packing and shipping of your treasured items.

ANYVAN’s web interface allows you to list your item at no cost and receive bids from couriers who are already travelling between the current location of your item and where you need it to be shipped, saving you money and CO2 emissions.

After listing an item, you have access to a dashboard that allows you to get bids from various couriers, view recommendations from current customers, and compare and choose bids from transport providers- letting you find the cheapest delivery quote for your goods.

You can open communications with these providers and ask about insurance, shipping, handling, licensing or any other areas of concern.

In addition, has a list of customer FAQs that you can browse before registering with the site including tips on packing your art or antiques for transport.


It is free to list items for transportation in order to get shipping quotes, and bids are normally far cheaper than other standard delivery method. To ensure the successful transport of your arts and antiques visit

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ANYVAN helps you to find the delivery services which are right for you. Typically, our network of courier services are already travelling in the direction your items need to go, with spare capacity on their vehicles for your goods - saving you money and CO2 emissions. So whether you need to find to move a piano from Birmingham to Bull, an engine part from Silverstone to Brand Hatch or your entire house to a cottage on the coast, we have the right delivery services for you. ANYVAN, the Delivery A

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