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British I am

To whom it may concern. Buying British products such as meat, milk, poultry etc from our supermarkets, but that will not stop the supermarkets from buying foreign foods as these are a lot cheaper so that makes them more profit, if you were a supermarket owner and you had a choice of British food against the cheaper foreign foods then which would make the more profit, even when they have shipped the food from abroad it is still cheaper than we can produce on our own soil. What we should do is first get out of the EU so that we would be an Island again and then we would grow our own foods and we would have enough land in this country to do that. Secondly if we had to buy from abroad we would buy at a price that suited us not at a price that the EU dictated to us and thirdly we could then sell our exports at a price that suited us, what I am trying to say is this , we as British farmers are really getting fed up with the EU dictating to us what we must grow, what we must sell it for. When are we going to stand up and say enough is enough. My father is 82 years old and still milks 200 cows every day morning and night with his son and sons daughter as well as other work on the farm, my father will be milking cows till the day he dies because the EU has squeezed that much from him that he can not make any profit any more, we have seen what happens when the the British man in the street is sacked because his employer has found a cheaper person to do the same job. well this is the same with the situation with the farmers we bring in foreign foods that are cheaper than British foods that makes our British farmers redundant and this is why you find British men whether farmers or not have taken there own lives because like my father at 82 years old he has worked on a farm since he was 14 years old, how would you feel with it happen to you. But to get back to the subject all we have to do here is get out of the EU produce enough food for our own people and if we need other commodities from frogien lands then we should have a price that suites us for export and import not a price that is dictated to us. Will we ever learn I doubt it, but things are getting really bad I have just learnt today that another two farmers are packing up farming as they can not continue any more with the milk price they are getting and the price of feed for there cattle, where do you think we farmers get the money to buy cattle at between £800 and £2000 per cow these days when milk price is between 17 pence and 19 pence per litre and then pay for cattle feed on top and everything else that goes to produce the pint of milk in the super markets and what is the pint of milk in the supermarket these days, can you see what I am trying to say. Should we be nice British people and let the EU walk all over us, I say not I do not want to pack up farming just because some snotty little person tells me I should, like my heading in my first post "can we be British again" YES WE CAN but we must do one that we should have done along time ago, get out before its to late.

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